Writing for pleasure

As a freelance writer, editor and proofreader, you get to work on documents and manuscripts about many different things. Sometimes, though, you just want to write for yourself. About things that make you happy, things that are important to you, things you feel strongly about. So I'm going to blog about them. About all the things that put a smile on my face or are important to me. So, what are these topics?


I guess no one will be shocked by this one! After all, this whole website is about words and writing. If I didn't at least like words then it would be time for a career change. But luckily, I don't hate them or even just like them – I love them. I love words that are just fun to say, like 'skedaddle' and 'bumble'. I love interesting foreign words, such as 'de paashaas' in Dutch, which means 'Easter bunny'. And I like words best when the grammar, spelling and punctuation are perfect. Yes, perfect. So here and there I'll be writing about words and writing!

Vegan food

Aside from my love of words, I also get pretty excited about food. Vegan food, to be specific. I spend hours each week cooking in the kitchen. From experimenting with creating vegan versions of food I loved in my pre-vegan days, to discovering new cuisines and dishes that lend themselves to veganification, cooking and eating vegan food makes me happy. So by definition, writing on the subject brings me joy, too. So that'll be another strand of this little blog. Expect some foody photos as well!

Homemade vegan momos with steamed pak choi

Homemade vegan momos with steamed pak choi


There's something wonderful about travelling. Whether you're heading to an exotic new country or simply to a local city you've yet to visit, going somewhere new is exhilarating. From checking out the top sights to people watching at a café to sampling the local food and drink, I love everything about it. In recent years I've been lucky enough to spend time in India, Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, Holland and Greece, as well as finding new spots in both Germany and England – so I might share the occasional travel story here, too!

All things green

Like many people, I try to do my bit for the environment. I never leave unnecessary lights on, always take reusable shopping bags with me for the weekly shop, try to buy products that don't contain a whole long list of toxic chemicals – that sort of thing. Growing vegetables on the balcony means that at least some of our food has no food miles on it and was grown without pesticides. And I think it's important to share information about all things green, to give more people some ideas about what they could be doing at home – so I'll do just that!

Time to stop waffling

There are lots of other things I could get excited about. Craft beer. Dartmoor. Good children's books. The list could go on, but I'll leave it at that for now. So if you've read between the lines and realised that I'm launching a pretty self-indulgent blog, then well done! That was most observant of you. That's pretty much exactly what I'm doing... and if anyone reads it, well, that'd just be a bonus!