Freelance editorial services for
publishers, businesses and authors.

Editorial support for anyone who cares about words.


Is your in-house editorial team swamped with more work than they can handle? Do you need an extra pair of hands for a while to lighten the load?

Content creation. Content editing.
Copy editing. Proofreading.
Let me know what you need.


Have a feeling your copy could be cleaner but not sure what to do about it? Not got a language pedant in your team to call on?

Chat to me instead. I can create or perfect your copy, for both web and print products.

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 Ready to take the next step towards getting published? Need someone who's not a friend or relative to read your words?

Whether you want to be traditionally published or you'd like to self-publish, I can help you make your book a reality.

Freelance editorial support for publishers


Sometimes, with the best will in the world, your editorial team just can't manage the workload on their desks. Maybe someone's off sick long-term, or a key team member is on parental leave for a few months. Whatever the reason, it's sometimes necessary to call on a freelancer to help to shoulder the workload.

So, call on me. I've got broad shoulders!

As you're probably turning to that freelancer at a busy time, you need them to know what they're doing. You need to know they can work accurately, efficiently and independently. With seven years' editorial experience in the world of publishing, both in-house and freelance, I have the knowledge and experience to tick all of those boxes – and a few more besides. 


Freelance editorial support for businesses


You know you need good copy, but you're lacking the in-house capacity to make that a reality? Or maybe you have great writers on your team but they're snowed under?
No problem. 

It's just time to outsource.

Get in touch and let's chat about your requirements. Brief me on your objectives, target audience and desired call to action. Before I put pen to paper (actually it's more like fingers to keys but let's not get pernickety!) we'll discuss the tone and style you want for your copy and any keywords you'd like included. Whether I'm simply proofreading or editing existing copy or creating something entirely new, we'll work together to ensure I deliver the content you want, every time.


Freelance editorial support for authors


Your best friend loves it and your mum is as proud as punch. You've planned and crafted and shaped and optimised and now you're pretty done with it all, actually. You just want to submit your book to a publisher or upload it online and be done with it.

Don't. You really need to get it edited, or at least proofread, first!

Why? Because a book contains thousands upon thousands of words, so the chances that you've missed a typo or a structural inconsistency somewhere are pretty high. And what you don't want is a publisher or reader noticing that before you do.

Whether it's a simple proofread, a copy edit or a content edit, let me help.