English writing, editing and proofreading in Frankfurt. 

Frankfurt am Main is my basecamp, but I work worldwide as a native British English writer, editor and proofreader. 


About me

Hi! I'm Amy, a freelance writer, editor and proofreader based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Take a look around and please get in touch if you'd like to have a chat!


A blank page can be daunting. Worse still, a blank page and a deadline. 

Fear not. With creativity and creative distance, I can craft your story. 


Re-read your document too many times to sanity-check it? No problem. 

You just need some fresh eyes to make sure all the dots are connected. 


 You're not going to spot that misused comma. You're just not. 

It might be time to let me get pedantic and put your prose through its paces.

Freelance Writing


Overwhelmed by a blank page? That's fair enough. Sometimes you have your content in mind but just don’t have time to write it yourself. Sometimes you know what you want to say but can't find the words. Sometimes you don’t even know what you want to say – or how. Am I right?

Let me help.

I’m a content writer, copywriter and blogger. Whether you need compelling website copy, an SEO-friendly blog post or pretty much any other kind of content, we'll talk through what you want to put across, the tone of voice you want to say it in and where you want it to be read. 

I'll do the rest.


Editing in Frankfurt, or anywhere


After much planning and writing, you've finally got a draft of your manuscript or document. It might be the first draft or the tenth – either way, you're relieved, proud and, most probably, sick to the back teeth of looking at it! But don't despair.

It's simply time to get a fresh pair of eyes involved.

More specifically, the eyes of an editor. Allow me to look at and work through your document critically and thoroughly, flagging up inconsistencies and examining the structure. I can focus on the document as a whole (content editing) or, if the manuscript is already structurally sound, edit at sentence level (copy editing).


Proofreading in Frankfurt, or anywhere


Proofreading your own work is never easy, especially when you've already gone through various rewrites and numerous rounds of editing. Will you notice that you've accidentally typed 'two' instead of 'too', or written 'access' when you meant 'assess'?


 So if your words are well-structured but you want a final check before sending them out into the big wide world, let me nit-pick my way through your grammar, punctuation and spelling to ensure your document is in tip-top, publishable condition.